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Introduction to Devii​

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Devii is an instant API engine that significantly reduces the time and cost for software developers to build and maintain GraphQL APIs.

API management is a critical piece of every software development project, and Devii makes it easy to create, publish, and secure APIs. Using Devii, developers quickly create APIs that are both secure and scalable with built-in policy-based security that helps to minimize user configuration complexity, no matter the scale.

The Devii platform also offers instant API access to popular databases like MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL. This means that developers now focus on building their applications rather than worrying about API management. In addition, Devii offers a cost-effective solution for hosting databases in the cloud.

By using Devii, developers save time and money on every API developed.

Introduction to Devii Portal​

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With our easy to use interface, you can manage roles, rules, and databases without writing a line of code.

Dashboards provide a unified view of your databases for each project’s performance in Devii. Monitor for slow queries, track usage overtime, log mutations, and trace events across databases. Devii gives you easy, extensive observability across all components.

Connecting with the Community​

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Community Libraries​

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