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Role Management

The Devii Portal facilitates tenancy access by utilizing roles and role classes as part of our Security Engine. Roles can describe either one login, group together a set of logins, or both, role classes are non-hierarchical "mixins" that can be added to roles, to modify their access. Specific rules/access for roles and role classes are defined in policy rules section.

To access Devii role management click on the role manangement button on the left side of the portal.

Role Management Button

When entering the role management function for the first time your Portal screen will look like this with your Devii Root role with no role class. Notice that your login/username will be same for both Devii Portal role or Devii Root role, the passwords for each should be different, instuctions on how to change the password will be contained in this document.

Role Management

The role has is not assigned a role class, by default that user is the Devii Root role, which has special global admin privileges for the tenancy and should NOT be assigned a role class. However, the password for this role should be changed as it inherited your current Devii Portal login information, if you should change the Devii Portal login password it will NOT propogate to the Devii Root role.

Change Devii Root Role Password

To update the Devii Root role password click on the ellpises next to the role and select 'Change Password'.

Change Password

After clicking on the 'Change Password' button a card will pop up where you can change the password for your Devii Root role and will be the password that will be used to login to your tenancy and used in the Devii 'auth' connnection point.

Change Password card

Create Role Class


It is strongly recommended to create role classes prior to adding additional roles so a role class can be added to a role

To add a new role class click on the plus button on the role class card.

Add Role Class Button

To create a new role class, add a unique class name and if there are users that you would like added to that class they can be choosen from the drop down menu, Note do not add the intial registrant to any role classes.

Add Role Class

Edit Role Class

To edit a role class click on the vertical ellipsis next to the role class to be edited, from here you can view, edit or delete a role class.

Role Management Role Class Menu

After clicking on the "Edit Class" button, a menu will appear on the right side of the Portal screen under your avatar. From here you can change the class name and add additional members to the role class that will be avalible in the "Member Roles(s)" drop down menu.

Edit Role Class Edit Role Class

Role Class Filter

To quickly view the members of a class click on the "View Members" button and the roles card will display the members that belong to that role class.

Role Management Filtered Roles

Create Roles

To create additional roles, click on the plus button on the roles card.

Add Role

A add roles card will appear, for clarity please provide a unique name and login information, the role classes will have a drop down menu of all the created role classes. Please note that a user may have more than one role class assigned.

Add Role Blank Add Role with Class

Edit Roles

To edit a role click on the vertical ellipsis next to the role you would like to edit, from here you can edit, change the password, delete the role or retrive the access token for that user.

Role Management Role Menu

An "Edit Role" card will appear under your avatar on the right side of the screen, from here you can alter all fields, remove role classes by clicking the "x" next to the role class to be removed and add a role class by clicking on an additioanl role to a member.

Edit Role